An integrated approach to
fitness club establishment:

  • Production Documentation
  • Design Project
  • Expert Support

Service packs

Services provided

Bringing in a Design Company for Engineering Section

Experience has shown that it is more efficient to engage a general contractor to implement the Engineering Solution. This avoids “finger-pointing", which frequently happens in the case, when different stages of design are performed by independent companies.

Reconciliation and final Production Documentation

At the stage of development when Engineering Studies are completed, various fitness specifics issues are also monitored and discussed.

Engaging a Management Company

To determine the organizational structure of the club, we bring in our partners - a Moscow based Business Management Company that will either take over the organization of preliminary sales or will train the local managers.

Development of the Design Project

A full working project includes a Construction Drawing Set including materials, fixtures, appliances, as well as engineering and technological details. Depending on the size and content of the facility, the development of the project takes 4 to 6 months. The Design Projected is completed upon client’s approval of all finishing materials and equipment.>

Expert support to ensure the integrity of the design

Upon request, we provide expert support to enforce the integrity of the design and to deal with clarifications and administer revisions. Time and number of site visits are determined separately.

echnical and informational control over the implementation of the Design Project

Construction oversight is also available with the following options: logistical support, material sourcing, performance evaluation and inspection of contractors.

Schematic Design and Site Considerations

The Design Concept is implemented as floor plans and elevations detailing the proposed features and the footage for each room. Initially a schematic, conceptual sketch of the floor plans is prepared for further discussion and reevaluation of appropriate functions. Those are further refined and included into the Program.

Bringing in a Design Company to implement the Engineering and the Architectural solutions

At this stage in the project, we employ a partner firm: a Moscow based Design Company, which has extensive experience in designing fitness oriented projects.

Expert support and protecting the integrity of the Design Concept

We provide expert support to enforce the integrity of the design and to deal with clarifications and administer revisions, if necessary. The final Design Concept for the facility is presented to the designers in the form of a Preliminary Drawing Set and Material Studies. When the working sketches are ready, another set of corrections is coordinated. In the final stages of the project a complete Drawing Set is delivered, implementing the Architectural Solution, and is handed off to the Engineersfor expert revision.

Preparing Design Specifications for Technological Studies

Preparation of the project documentation breakdown according to engineering specialties. We draw up tables and give out the Design Specifications.

Site Analysis and initial Programming

All the necessary materials regarding the projected construction site should be gathered, the building footprint should be determined, footage and the number of storeys of the proposed object should be estimated. In addition, the relevant building and planning codes should be clarified, as well as other special conditions appropriate to the situation.

Determination of the Design Requirements for the proposed facility

At the initial stage, the design Program should be formulated for the Engineering and the Architecture groups. This Program is later used as the document of reference in the development of the proposed facility. This is an important and intricate job, which takes time and patience.

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